Our training model

Project SEARCH follows the supported employment model that mirrors the realistic supports working young adults receive. Our main training goal is to get our interns working as independently as possible and implement reasonable and effective accommodations. It is not up to our staff or hospital mentors to do the job for the interns. It is up to us to make sure our intern can complete their work flow independently, using natural supports and accommodations. This ensures that that they are effectively helping the production of the department, and valued as a true team member.

The Process


During training, we follow along with our Nanticoke trainers and mentors so we can learn the intern's work flow and identify skill areas in need of support.


When the intern's training process is complete, we follow up with additional individualized training as needed for our interns to develop independence. We help develop natural supports and reasonable accommodations to promote independence.


When we see that skills are mastered, we take a step back and observe. We record data and take photos and videos so we can track their skill development and measure levels of independence. 

Program staff

Jon Frey

Skills Trainer

Community Integrated Services

Stephanie Tyler


       Seaford School District

Christine Miller

              Skills Trainer

           Autism Delaware

Jim Watson

Business Liaison

Nanticoke Health Services

2019 Project SEARCH of Sussex County

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